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The Presidential Election will happen on Thursday October 27th 2011.

Mary Davis Sean Gallagher Michael D. Higgins
Mary Davis Sean Gallagher Michael D. Higgins
Martin McGuinness Gay Mitchell David Norris
Martin Mc Guinness Michael D. Higgins David Norris
Dana Rosemary Scallon
Dana Rosemary Scallon


General Election Friday February 25th 2011.

How many of these 2011 general election candidates can you name?

Michael Beirne, Independent, Kildare NorthPaul King, Independent, Dublin South-CentralRyan Stewart, New Vision, Donegal North-EastJohnny Brady, Fianna Fáil, Meath WestMark Collins, Green Party, Cork North-WestJane Murphy, CSP, Dublin South
Pearse Doherty, Sinn Féin, Donegal South-WestJoe Carey, Fine Gael, ClareMaria Corrigan, Fianna Fáil, Dublin SouthBrian Hayes, Fine Gael, Dublin South-WestBetty Holmes, Independent, Donegal North-EastPatrick Bullman, Independent, Cork East
Michael Clarke, Independent, Sligo-North LeitrimSean Conlan, Fine Gael, Cavan-MonaghanDan Boyle, Green Party, Cork South-CentralJoanna Tuffy, Labour, Dublin Mid WestDominic Mooney, Independent, Dublin South-CentralVeronica Cawley, Independent, Sligo-North Leitrim
David McGuinness, Fianna Fáil, Dublin WestClare Daly, Socialist Party, Dublin NorthKen Walsh, Green Party, Cork North-CentralDenis Riordan, Independent, Limerick CityEamon Walsh, Independent, Galway WestConal Kavanagh, Labour, Wicklow
Jim Daly, Fine Gael, Cork South-WestJohn Lyons, Labour, Dublin North-WestJack Wall, Labour, Kildare SouthÁine Collins, Fine Gael, Cork North-WestNoel Coonan, Fine Gael, Tipperary NorthChris Andrews, Fianna Fáil, Dublin South-East

Use the menus on the left to find out about the upcoming election and the current Dail (30th):

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  • Who are the 10 oldest TDs?
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  • Who are the women candidates?
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  • Which party's TDs have the oldest average age?
  • Which party has the greatest percentage of women TDs?

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